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Re: "Pipe tower" mounting for G5500 stack...


I use a set of Radio Shack wall mount brackets and some
1-1/2" galvanized pipe from Home Depot. I have about 6 feet
below the peak, and about 3 feet above -- just enough for
the 432 yagi to clear the roof when being elevated. The
rotors are a kenpro Az rotator with the pipe clamp on the
bottom, and the Kenpro elevation rototor mated to it on top.
The setup works just fine, and wind load is not a factor
because the pipe is sturdy and only a few feet long.

I use a doubled Schedule 5 PVC pipe for the mast (a 1" piece
glued inside a 1-1/4" piece). A philips-tech parabolic grid
antenna is on one side - a 14 ele 432 yagi is on the other.

The Radio Shack brackets are not exactly heavy duty, but
they appear to be sufficient for this. My house has T111
wood siding so I've lag bolted the lower bracket (3 legs)
into the studs behind the siding. For the top bracket, I
nailed a 2x4 inside the attic so the lag bolts on the upper
bracket (2 legs) would have a good anchor. In your case,
lead anchors in the masonry should work just fine.

I can try to take some pictures tonight if the rain lets up,
and post them on the web site. I'll let you know when that's

Art N3OY

Chris Wilkinson wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm working on putting a station on the air and am currently engaged in
> trying to figure out the best way to mount my G5500 above the roofline. I
> would like to utilize approximately 35' of pipe, the lower 18' of which will
> be bolted into a fairly solid brick wall.
> Chiefly, I am wondering what folks have used at their stations and how it
> has fared. Obviously I can improvise, although I'd rather find out what
> has worked for people currently in operation. The questions I have chiefly
> involve the following:
> 1. What type of piping and diameter are the safest and most reasonable to
> utilize in this case? Obviously it needs to be strong enough to easily be
> able to handle the wind load although not present a problem when it comes to
> mounting the G5500.
> 2. What is the most secure method of bolting a "tower" to the side of a
> brick building? Again, I can guess what would probably work, but if anyone
> has firm ideas that would be appreciated.
> If anyone can let me know what has worked for them, I'd really appreciate
> it. Pictures on the web would be appreciated!
> Thanks and 73's!
> Chris // N8DVM
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