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RE:Finding Downlink?

Hello Rick, This is very simple. Just Find the MB
then set you uplink 435.667 I dont know the 1.2
Then just tune down down from the beacon with the
FT-847 TCK-REV on, Your uplink will be within a KHZ or
so. Ive been using this since May without any
This work over a wide Temp range.

73 GL de AL (WC9C) 

I'm sure this has been discussed before, and I thought
I had it 
solved. We have a good squint here in Austin, TX
tonight and I'm 
hearing good signals, but for the life of me I can't
find my own down 
link. I'm using the unmodified AIDC-3733 down
converter outputting to 
the 121 mhz range on my FT-847. I have found myself
before but can't 
seem to tonite. Is there some easy formula or
spreadsheet? What's the 
Richard J. Lawn
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