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K band - great signals !

Hi all,

making measurements on the K band TX again
tonight. More on the reults later after further analysis.
The TX is operating very well indeed. This time I
was using a 120 cm prime focus dish with an additional
flexible waveguide section presenting an additional
loss of 1.3 dB. The MB was now peaking at 15 dB
C/N in a 1 kHz bandwidth. This 5 dB better than with
my 60 cm dish and is what to expect from theory
and taking the additional WG section loss into
account. Polarisation is still linear, but now there
is sufficient C/N to allow the sacrifice of 3 dB for the
benefit of getting rid of the spin modulation. How I
wish I had more spare time ;-)

Pointing is still manageable, but having to track the
satellite and Doppler manually keeps you pretty busy ;-)

Lots of stations on the band, DB6NT, ON4AOD,
G3WDG and many, many others. Lots of fun,
even though this time I only had time to listen.

Michael, OH2AUE

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