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AGC on AO-40

How exactly does the AGC/power control on AO-40 work?  And how do I
relate that to the telemetry/beacon AGC numbers given?
I would assume that the AGC is applied in the IF stages between sat RX
and sat TX.  This way the beacon isn't AGC modulated, and compound
uplink modes (like UL1) aren't cross-modulated by each other's AGC.  Is
this correct?
And then does the telemetry AGC number represent exactly that gain
reduction (i.e., if current AGC says 10dB, then I would expect my signal
to gain 10dB S/N if at some relatively soon point in time the AGC were
to change to 0dB?)
And how does this all fit in with LEILA?
I am missing something in this picture...one of my assumptions above
must be incorrect.
Thanks in Advance,
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