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Re: Yaesu G-550 Elevation Rotor Help?


I always said the problem is betewn the keyboard and the chair ji ji...

At 04:16 a.m. 16/09/01 +0000, you wrote:
>This can happen if you mount the EL rotor on the AZ rotor 180 degrees off,
>and then mount the antennas backwards, i.e. pointing 180 degrees off in
>AZ.  Your EL rotor says it is at zero elevation and it is.  However, the
>backwards antenna mounting causes the back of the antenna to elevate
>instead of the front.  Turn the antennas around.  Now the AZ is off so you
>correct that by removing and reinstalling the EL rotor 180 degrees around
>so the AZ is correct.
>hasan schiers wrote:
>> The good news:
>> I now have full az/el from the shack. I got my G-800SA and G-550 put on the
>> pole today. No more running out to the back yard (a.k.a. mud) with a compass
>> and inclinometer!
>> The bad news:
>> I installed the rotor according to the instructions, as far as I can tell.
>> Before I mounted it, I set the elevation to zero, and aligned the antennas
>> at the horizon. Went inside, hit the 'UP' button...and the atennas went down
>> (farkle
>> !)
>> I examined the rotor and it has 'UP' marked on one side of the rotor. I
>> assumed that meant the top side of the rotor, so I mounted it on top.
>> I then found a temporary solution, but I want to know what I did wrong.
>> Temp Solution:
>> Loosen crossbar clamps, rotate rotor to 90 degrees as indicated by the
>> control box. Move antennas to 90 elevation, tighten clamps. Now it is
>> functional, but, of course, my elevation is from 180 to 90 (corresponding in
>> the real world to 0 and 90 degrees elevation respectively), and the UP
>> control decreases elevation and the DOWN control increases elevation.
>> In other words, when the rotor box says 180, I'm really at 0, and when it
>> says 90, I am at 90...but "on the wrong side" of the display.
>> All this makes me think I mounted the rotor upside down...if so, what does
>> that darn UP on the rotor mean? Is there any way to fix it without taking it
>> all down and starting over? I can live with it like it is...I still have
>> full 0 to 90 deg elevation and the scale does have a small indication for 0
>> and 45 degrees on this 'wrong side" of the scale.
>> If it ain't broke, don't fix it sure applies....but I would like to learn
>> from this confusing little job I did today. Thanks for any help.
>> BTW, the wiring is correct on both ends...I triple checked it.
>> 73
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