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RE: What is a good tracking pgm?

Helmut, Laura, et al,

I've not suffered any problems with WISP lat/lon interpretation or Doppler
calculation problems, and have used it since January as my 'frequency
standard' with WispDDE for finding the MB. As Helmut says perhaps it's a
problem with the interpretation of the southern latitudes.

However, I too can confirm that the MA is not correct in WISP.

On the digital LEO's in a non-elliptical orbit without MA-defined schedules
this is of no consequence of course.

On the general subject FWIW I've yet to find a package which does all I
want. I use InstantTrack and InstantTune for real-time passband frequency
correction and prediction lists, WISP and WispDDE for rotator pointing and
FM/Digital sat Doppler frequency correction, and Nova for eye candy and
ad-hoc prediction in the shack. On AO-40 I even use my 'Diskolator' (R)
http://www.g6lvb.com/oldtech.htm which turns out to work rather well even
though I say so myself. A real hotch-potch.

My wish list would be for a program with the multiple satellite display of
Nova, the Doppler passband correction facilities of InstantTrack+InstantTune
and the digital satellite capabilities of WISP+WispDDE. I have thought about
(and I even started) writing my own to do all that, but it's not at the top
of my projects list right now and I doubt it ever will be. That's a very big

73 Howard G6LVB

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