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Re: What is a good tracking pgm?

WiSP has at least three nasty problems, I found.

1) For some locations on the planet it does not interpret the entered
long/lat for the main observer correctly, ie. you have to reverse east and
west. (example used was Austria)

2) Doppler calculation is wrong depending on your location, this may be
related to problem #1 above. This problem seems to occur only with AO-40's
molnya orbit, LEO sats are ok. (at certain parts of the orbit the doppler
goes in the wrong direction, verified with a number of "good" tracking

3) It is widely known that the MA calculation is incorrect, again,  this
seems to be related to molnya orbits.

Initially I was going to use WiSP with the DDE interface for use with my own
software. I have since written my own satellite tracking software based on
Dr T Kelso's SGP4/SDP4 models available from his website.

Helmut VK4STR

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