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Uninformed comments on AO-40 24 GHz RX

Warning: These comments are from someone who has never built anything to
operate above X band!

    The obvious starting point for me in my thinking is to built the
complementary receive circuit to the K band transmitter on AO-40. Some of
the details are at http://www.amsat-on.org/ .

    The 24.048 GHz is down converted to 2827.06 MHz then 469.177 MHz then
76.197 MHz and finally 10.7 MHz which could go to a HF tranceiver (many HF
transcievers like mine have a RX only input). The interesting thing about
this collection if IFs is that they are all between 1/5 and 1/10 of the
preceeding frequency and so filtering is not difficult and all the LO
frequencies are derived from a single 65.496 MHz crystal oscillator.

    Maybe it's just that I think it is quite a good logical approach to
K-band and we know it works!

My two cents worth,
Murray Peterson
Sydney, NSW,

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