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Re: Yaesu G-550 Elevation Rotor Help?

Hasan, you mounted the antennas bas-akwards.  Don't feel bad.
There are only two kinds of az-el rotor owners- those that have
done that, and those who WILL do that.    Turn the antennas around
on the crossboom, then rotate the rotor assy. on the vertical shaft
180 degrees to correct the azimuth readout.   

I have a portable 5500 az-el for a small dish, used in portable
setups.  It helps to have the rotor on the ground and working on
a short rotor box leash to make sure which things are going to work
before mounting the crossboom and antennas.

Best regards,  John  W5EME

hasan schiers wrote:
> The good news:
> I now have full az/el from the shack. I got my G-800SA and G-550 put on the
> pole today. No more running out to the back yard (a.k.a. mud) with a compass
> and inclinometer!
> The bad news:
> I installed the rotor according to the instructions, as far as I can tell.
> Before I mounted it, I set the elevation to zero, and aligned the antennas
> at the horizon. Went inside, hit the 'UP' button...and the atennas went down
> (farkle
> !)
> I examined the rotor and it has 'UP' marked on one side of the rotor. I
> assumed that meant the top side of the rotor, so I mounted it on top.
> I then found a temporary solution, but I want to know what I did wrong.
> Temp Solution:
> Loosen crossbar clamps, rotate rotor to 90 degrees as indicated by the
> control box. Move antennas to 90 elevation, tighten clamps. Now it is
> functional, but, of course, my elevation is from 180 to 90 (corresponding in
> the real world to 0 and 90 degrees elevation respectively), and the UP
> control decreases elevation and the DOWN control increases elevation.
> In other words, when the rotor box says 180, I'm really at 0, and when it
> says 90, I am at 90...but "on the wrong side" of the display.
> All this makes me think I mounted the rotor upside down...if so, what does
> that darn UP on the rotor mean? Is there any way to fix it without taking it
> all down and starting over? I can live with it like it is...I still have
> full 0 to 90 deg elevation and the scale does have a small indication for 0
> and 45 degrees on this 'wrong side" of the scale.
> If it ain't broke, don't fix it sure applies....but I would like to learn
> from this confusing little job I did today. Thanks for any help.
> BTW, the wiring is correct on both ends...I triple checked it.
> 73
> hasan schiers, N0AN
> schiers@netins.net
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