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Re: Nova Squint Readings?

Hi Richard.  I am not sure I have my Nova setup right either for the 
squint reading on AO-40.  I entered the same ALAT and ALON  you did. 
 What squint type did you use in satellite mode schedule.  I clicked on 
the AO13/P3D type.  I assumed this is correct.  I have a squint now at 
22:39 UTC of 160.5 at MA 47.1.  It just seems this a big squint.  I am 
new at using Nova.

Bob  W7CTW     AMSAT  21409

Richard J. Lawn wrote:

> I have been comparing the squint readings with another ham across town 
> and we are getting very different results from Nova. At this writing 
> (3:25 local time in Austin, TX) my version of Nova is giving me a 
> squint reading of 134 while his is registering 46. I'm using Nova 
> v.2.1g and he is using v.2.1n. I'm entering 2 for the ALAT and 358 for 
> ALON. Can anyone explain what's going on? Who's right? I believe his 
> figures are correct but why am I not getting the same results or at 
> least close? What do I need to do to correct the problem?
> Now that I've learned that the bird works best with low squint 
> numbers, can anyone tell me the maximum usable quint?
> Rick

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