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AO-40 24GHz Breakfast Session During Symposium

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w4epi@mediaone.net writes:

> Hello Antonio,
>  Your idea of having a working breakfast discussion of K band hardware and
>  operations sounds like a great idea. My suggestion is to do exactly that on
>  Saturday morning. The hotel has a small room right off of the breakfast 
>  and I would be happy to ask them if we can use it. We are already using it
>  Sunday morning for the Field Coordinator's Breakfast.
>  If you will agree to lead the discussions, I will make an announcement
>  Friday, and also add a note to the Agenda piece that we put in everyone's
>  attendee bag. You will have to be responsible for drumming up interest
>  before the Symposium.
>  Let me know.
>  Regards,
>  Steve Diggs, W4EPI
>  Chairman, Host Committee
>  AMSAT-NA 2001 Annual Symposium

Hi Folks,

First, thanks very much to all of you that have provided feedback to my 
posting on AO-40 24 GHz!

Special thanks also to our Chairman Steve for his support.

Based on Steve comments and before moving forward I would like to check if we 
would have the two key ingredients to make it happen (attendants and 
experts). Thus,I need your answer to the following questions:

1.- is there interest among the symposium attendants to have a "working" 
breakfast devoted to AO-40 24 GHz on Saturday from maybe 7:30 to 9:00am?

2.- do we have some microwave experts attending that would be willing to give 
short presentations and make themselves available for the discussion?

As a draft to be discussed (pse feel free to comment or make suggestions), I 
would suggest the program below, four short presentations (abt 10-15 minutes 
each) followed by discussion/Q&A. It would be a kind of "meet the expert" 

AO-40 K-Band, The 24 GHz Challenge. Breakfast Session

1.- The K-Band transmitter onboard AO-40.
    A brief presentation on the spacecraft K-Band transmitter and theoretical 
link budget

2.- K-Band Ground Station Requirements.
     Based on a typical 24 GHz Rx chain (Reflector, horn, preamp, BP filter, 
mixer, LO, IF...)
    and comparisons and differences from S and X band.

3.- K-Band equipment sourcing.
    Review of available K-band equipment, new, surplus, other sources.
     Test equipment for K band. What and where to look for.

4.- K-band operations.
    Practical advise on how to operate the transponder. Pointing of antennas 
(accuracy vs gain), 
    influence of wx (water vapor, rain, etc), how to cope with fading, 
polarization for 3 axis or spin stabilization, etc

Learning Objectives
At the end of the session the attendant should:
1.-Have a basic understanding of the spacecraft part of the link and the 
overall performance of the link.
2.-Know what a typical 24 GHz Rx station would look-like (its main components 
and its relative importance) 
3.-Main differences between modes X/K and S band (i.e. WG vs coax, WG 
filters, etc)
4.-How and where to do smart shopping for 24 GHz components and microwave 
test equipment (i.e. What equipment is already available, what to look for 
next time you go to a Hamfest or surplus store. What is the literature you 
have to keep handy)
5.-An idea of the pros and cons of antenna size/gain and other factors that 
may influence Rx performance from the operational point of view.

So, I need your feedback, again the questions are:

1.- Are you planning to attend in case we have this breakfast session?
2.- Do you have the knowledge/expertise and hence volunteer to be a speaker 
or among the expert pannel?
If there is interest and we have the experts I would be delighted to lead the 
discussions, I am so ignorant that I have an extensive list of questions.

I look forward to your feedback.

antonio, kc2hax/ea4le    

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