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Nova Squint Readings?

I have been comparing the squint readings with another ham across 
town and we are getting very different results from Nova. At this 
writing (3:25 local time in Austin, TX) my version of Nova is giving 
me a squint reading of 134 while his is registering 46. I'm using 
Nova v.2.1g and he is using v.2.1n. I'm entering 2 for the ALAT and 
358 for ALON. Can anyone explain what's going on? Who's right? I 
believe his figures are correct but why am I not getting the same 
results or at least close? What do I need to do to correct the 

Now that I've learned that the bird works best with low squint 
numbers, can anyone tell me the maximum usable quint?
Richard J. Lawn
Meyerson Centennial Professor
Founding Director of Jazz Studies
School of Music
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Studio: (512) 471-2369
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