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Lowest losses compromise

I'd like to get the list member's opinions about the best way to get 
signals to & from the shack using two different methods.

#1 - Separate low loss coax runs for 145 Mhz and 435 Mhz. Probably BuryFlex 
9913 or LMR 400.

#2 - One low loss coax (Poss. LMR 600) with duplexers either end.

The cable run could end up being 75 feet in its final location, so already 
a 2-3 db loss on the higher frequencies. Do I gain much benefit with the 
added cost of LMR600? How much insertion loss will accumulate with the 
duplexers in line. I'm only planning 50W output from the TX (from a 
FT-847), but the option for higher power levels needs to be figured into 
the equation for choice of duplexer.

Very interested in your thoughts.


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