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Re: What's up with Cushcraft?

> I have plenty of Cushcraft scrap aluminum, in the
> form of what used to be satellite antennae.  they
> was replaced with M^2.

I must say, I have had nothing but good experience with Cushcraft.  They
have responded to my emails promptly in the past.  Back before their web
site was up, I had moved and needed spacing instructions on an antenna that
had been dismantled and placed in storage - they sent me the manual at no
charge.  Now, they HAVE shipped antennas with a missing piece or two, or
something didn't line up, but no big deal - it was just a nuisance - and
yes, it did piss me off at the time.

As for M2, I have built two antennas from them within the past 3 months: a
6M7JHV and a 23CM35EZ.  Note that both antennas came with issues - it was
not plug and play.  The 23CM35EZ was frustrating because they hadn't drilled
a block deep enough to take a screw, so now I have to use a washer as a
spacer just to get the screw in tightly.  It was just sloppy QA.

My point is, none of these guys are perfect.  But their products work really
well and make the hobby a more enjoyable experience - especially for people
like me who are not so mechanically inclined and can't do the neat stuff
that K5OE does.

David, NA2AA

PS - why don't you give those Cushcrafts to someone getting started with
satellites so they can be put to good use?

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