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RE: What's up with Cushcraft?

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> Well,  back in the good old days, (when the old
> man himself ran the company), 

Back when I bought my antenna from them.

>   One point that might be worth noting is that
> Cushcraft is located AT manchester airport.  
> (in the industrial park outside the security 
> area.)  Depending on the timing of your request,
> it might have arrived at a chaotic time for
> them....

They were unresponsive to several E-mails, and 
somewhat unfriendly on the phone...  that was one
year ago.  Interesting how they knew this time of
chaos was coming and were already preparing for it.
I have plenty of Cushcraft scrap aluminum, in the 
form of what used to be satellite antennae.  they
was replaced with M^2.

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