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AO-40 reception

I am not having any trouble receiving AO-40 out to Apogee using a 60
cm dish, Helix, DEM AO-13 d/c with Pre Amp.  The beacon usually runs 6
S units above the noise and I have approximately 85% copy of the

I have also used a 1 meter solid dish with helix, PreAmp, Drake 2880
partially modified and the signals run 7 S units above the noise with
a 6 dB pad in the receive line.

SSB contacts are easily copied and CW is even better at times.  In
both of the above cases, the preAmp and d/c are mounted to the helix
at the prime focus of the dish and Radio Shack 75 ohm coax runs 50
feet to the FT-736.

I have worked several stations running with linear polarization for
receive and they report some difficulty with signals.  I am convinced
that RHCP is considerable better than Linear for receiving and is not
difficult.  Winding a helix and placing the first 1/4 turn very close
to the reflector seems to work without lots of expensive test
equipment. So, if you are running a BBQ grill, cover it with screen,
wind the helix, put the d/c on the back of the helix and give it a go.

Or try a patch antenna in front of your screen covered BBQ. They are
not difficult to build or buy. W0LMD has described one on his web site
(look him up on QRZ.com to get the Web site URL).


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