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vk zl jy ao40 someone is using 435.65 fm simplex ; xm2 freqs

Well tonight I took a break from the WTC coverage on TV since I hadn't been
on AO40 for awhile and noted it was harder to get  a good sig into it
with 150 watt erp when its squinted 147 (180 ideal - winorbit) could only
pop up maybe 2 db above noise but the VK/ZL stations were 6-10db.
Here is something new to watch for, its FM mode which corresponded to
435.651 uplink, appears in the passband when Tokyo and the north islands of
Japan rise above the ao40 horizon. I've heard this signal before, and they
are just using
the freq somewhere in simplex mode. Then the passband shut down
due to its new schedule for Rudak, so I plugged the spectrum analyzer into
the aidc3733 and noted The west XM satellite frequency is at:
2342.100 mhz and 2335.586 and at 300k bw its 25db above the noise.
Bandwidth of each of the two signals is 1.6 mhz with secondary sidebands 1.6
each side of that which are 20db down. Antenna gain here is 35 db. Noise
figure is 1.5 db.

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