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RE: initial reflections on AO-40 24GHz

Hello Antonio,

Your idea of having a working breakfast discussion of K band hardware and
operations sounds like a great idea. My suggestion is to do exactly that on
Saturday morning. The hotel has a small room right off of the breakfast bar,
and I would be happy to ask them if we can use it. We are already using it
Sunday morning for the Field Coordinator's Breakfast.

If you will agree to lead the discussions, I will make an announcement
Friday, and also add a note to the Agenda piece that we put in everyone's
attendee bag. You will have to be responsible for drumming up interest
before the Symposium.

Let me know.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI
Chairman, Host Committee
AMSAT-NA 2001 Annual Symposium

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Hi Folks,

I visited again Michael's OH2AUE amazing web-site (tnx Michael) and heard
K band signals from AO-40, wow!!!!
Next and as part of my 24GHz endeavour I went trough my microwave books
(basically those from ARRL and RSGB) and start digesting info on the topic.
Also visited some other repected sites in the net (e.g.. W1GHZ and others).

Based on this preliminary review of information below are my initial
reflections on AO-40 24GHz. I am writing this because I would like to share
them with you, so you can challenge, agree or disagree and most important
contribute with info and your knowledge and suggestions on how to walk the
path from 2.4 to 24.

1. 24GHz is going to be a real challenge for those of us that are microwave
illiterate (I guess a bunch of us here at the bb). BTW, I am refering to
24GHz narrowband (SSB, CW) rquired for AO-40 vs wide band FM (WBFM). Yes, I
know we have been doing 2.4 GHz Rx for a while and that technically speaking
this is microwaves, but from X band up things are very different (that's why
I consider myself illiterate).

2. At this point I really don't know how though the learning curve is from
2.4 to 24 without stopping at X and WBFM. Theory is not that though, but
the practical point of view it does not seem easy to me (even going the way
as per #4 below).  I was expecting to cut my teeth on the high freq
bands with X band on AO-40 and move from there to K, but it seems it may not
be the case. It also seems to me that X band would be easier, more fun (and
cheaper) than K mainly because of the availability of a variety of equipment
from different sources (surplus included). The later takes me to point #3

3. There is not much 24GHz gear out there (consumer's worst enemy, no
choice). I have not been able to identify sources of equipment other than
Khune (DB6NT), and wish we had some other options, do we?

4. Yes, you could do almost one stop shop (willing to spend some real money
1K3 DM in EU, $xxxx in US) and get a beautiful state-of-the-art DB6NT
mixer, LO, etc... another stop (and toll) to get a 24GHz band pass filter,
horn and antenna and assemble all together. However, I wonder how much fun
and learning is in there (am I wrong?). Please do not misunderstand me,
probably this would be my ultimate goal but would like to walk the path if
possible (I really love junk ;-)). As an example of this I had much more fun
modifying and improving my TSI AIDC 3733 D/C (now a great performer, tnx to
Bob) than installing my SSB UEK2000 in the antenna mast.

5. Even having and willing to spend the money, some items may be difficult
very difficult to get (e.g. RHCP, a WG band pass filter, etc)

6. All the previous makes 24GHz a very attractive proposal

7. We could discuss this also in Atlanta, would be very nice to have
somethign like a working breakfast (don't see much space in the program
now) in which some 24GHz experts would enlight the illiterate crowd.

Best 73 de antonio, kc2hax/ea4le
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