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Hi all¡
First of all...condolences to all who are suffering in the events of New
York....My deep sadness.

The reason of my question is that I`m a happy owner of a Kenwood TS-790E
with the 1200 Mhz module.But now
I´m thinking to buy a new transceiver in order to improve my station.(But
not selling the TS790E).
Doubts are between FT847 and ICOM910H.I have an ICOM-746 HF/VHF transceiver
so,muy HF side is covered..
but I heard excellent commentaries for the FT847....so I can´t discard this
nice rig.

My only doubt for the IC-910H is the computer side.Is the ICOM a REALLY
useful computer rig with CI-V cat system or not?.More easy to control the
FT-847?..I´m not an expert with the computer control and IC-746..
Better CAT system of FT847 or CI-V from ICOM?.

Any happy owner of an ICOM-910H in the computer side? .And for 9600 bps
?.Any other comments?
Please,any commentaries are wellcome¡¡.Many doubts here..
BTW: See you on AO-40...I´m active when work give me a breath on European
nights ...

Antonio (EA1IW)
Active on UO-22,KO-25,TIUNGSAT // AO-40,AO-10,FO-20,FO-29
AMSAT-EA 259 / AMSAT-UK 5435

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