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RE: AMSAT-UK - US Tragedy

Thank you sir.  In our own horror and sorrow, many of us have
forgotten that this was an international building, and we are not
the only country to experience a loss.  My wife is German, and
today we learned of some German businessmen who were aboard
one of the aircraft.

I fought in the first Gulf War.  I remember when Lady Margaret
Thatcher left office, and also left us wondering if the U.K. would
still be there with us.  I need not have worried.  I later met
Mrs. Thatcher in person, and expressed my thanks.  I hope that
when the time comes, as it surely will, that our soldiers once
again stand shoulder to shoulder against Evil.  I have heard on
the Tele that Iraq is partially responsible for this attack.  This
is unfinished business.  MY unfinished business.  I deeply regret
that we were stopped too soon.  I was there so that our sons 
wouldn't need to be.  Now our sons must finish the job for us.

Again, thank you sir...


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> The number of citizens from the United Kingdom that
> died in the WTC will be in the hundreds.  There
> are over 100 from Japan,  many many from several
> countries in Europe and elsewhere.  This is an
> international tragedy and one that shows it is
> truly time to deal with this business.
> Bob McGwier
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