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Re: Need recommendations on 435 yagi feed

In the USA at lest, all the ham cable/connector vendors seem to
carry it.  And it is pretty cheap.  It was originally meant for
some sort of IBM LAN technology (token-ring?), so lots of it was sold.


At 03:59 PM 9/13/01 , John Wright wrote:

>The 95 ohm coax is very hard to get. BUT if you take the appropriate length of 50 Helix cable ( like Pope H100 ), pull out the center conductor and replace it with a thinner center conductor, Not sure how thin, but that can be calculated, you can make yourself a piece of what should really be 100 ohm cable. N 'T' pieces are about £10 stirling in the UK ( about $15 ), so you should be able to get them for less than the price you quoted. I used this system many moons ago in AO13 days. so it works. Incidentally the 1" offset of the feed point makes very little difference to the phasing.

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