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IBM-3330 Phones

i posted this to the icom listserver because guys over there are head over 
heals for this phone. the phone is connected directly to the mic/headphone 
input of the icom radios and allows you to roam the house and yard and still 
talk on your radio through the portable phone. it has a switch on it to switch 
from being a telephone to being a computer input. there are jacks on the 
base unit that connect directly to a sound card (or radio). then you set the 
radio in vox and off you go. sit on your excercise bike, cook, lay on a 
hammock, climb a tree. further below in the message is the first message 
from a guy on how he did it. 

Those of you that are interested in purchasing the IBM-3330 phones, I have
made arrangements with by brother at twacomm.com for you to purchase 
them at $94.50 each plus $6.99 shipping. These are the 2.4Ghz phones that 
have the computer sound card interface in them.

you can use the direct link of...

or, you can go to the main page and in the 'Find It!" search window enter

this is a special price for hams and if you only do a search on IBM-3330 you
will not get that special price.

I have no interest in this company and will make no profit from these
sales. So, it does not matter to me if one person buys or 100 people buy.


From:           	"Greg Ordy" <gregordy@ameritech.net>
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Subject:        	[Icom] Cordless telephones and ICOM radios
Date sent:      	Sat, 11 Aug 2001 14:17:42 -0400
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From: "Greg Ordy" <gregordy@ameritech.net>

    If you remember any of my past posts, you know that I think that it is
a really great idea that ICOM microphone inputs are most always designed
for electret condenser elements. 

    Because electret condenser elements have become the de facto
standard for computer soundcards, microphones and accessories
that are designed for computer use will tend to work directly with
ICOM radios.

    I just became aware of another interesting accessory.

    It's a cordless phone with a computer soundcard interface.
It appears to be designed for folks who use Internet-based voice
communication. The phone has both a normal telephone interface,
and an audio in/audio out interface. You press a button to select
which one you want.

    After making up some simple cables, I have successfully connected the
cordless phone to my ICOM 706MKIIG and my ICOM 756PRO.

    Works well with both radios.

    I have put more details on a web page:


    This has been working great for those long, late night ragchewing
sessions on 75 meters. I put on the headset and I can take part in the
conversation while walking all over the house and yard.

    Greg Ordy, W8WWV

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