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Cross booms: Fiberglass vs. Acrylic Rod?

I'm looking into getting a solid rod vs. the hollow 1.5 in x 5 ft KLM type 
that I have now for my cross boom.  One outfit called E-Com Plastics 
(www.ridoutplastics.com/acprofrodtub.html) has both extruded and cast acrylic 
rod available in lengths up to 6 ft.  The extruded rod is several dollars per 
ft less than the cast rod.  

My questions are:  
* would an acrylic rod be better or worse than fiberglass, and which should I 
consider, the extruded or cast rod?  
* what are other sources for the solid fiberglass rods besides Max-Gain 
Systems in GA?  

Because Max-Gain's solid fiberglass rods are only available in 8 ft lengths, 
UPS would charge the 30 lb. rate for shipping, which means I'm looking at a 
minimum of $89 for one 8ft x 1.5" rod.


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