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32" dishes from http://www.dhsatellite.com

Thanks to a brilliant idea from Antonio, kc2hax/ea4le, I just ordered a 32" 
dish as well.  Why not the 36" dish?  Three reasons--wind load, wind load, 
and wind load ;-)

Below are the specs for the 32" and 36" dishes:

0.8M (32")
Weight: 6.3 #
F/D Ratio:.34
KU Gain @ 12 Ghz.: 38.5 db
Wind Force @ 60° @ 100 MPH: 270 lbs.

.9 M 36"
Weight 6.5 #
Measured Gain @ 12 Ghz: 39.7W
F/D Ratio: .3
KU Gain @ 12 Ghz: 39.7
Wind Force @ 60° @ 100 MPH: 340 lbs
(data from http://www.dhsatellite.com/Efficiency.htm)

It turns out this 32" size dish is a "custom run."  If anybody is 
interested in the same size dish, I would suggest you contact them (I spoke 
with Cindy) in the next day or two and get in on the same run as Antonio 
and me.  Who knows...maybe it will bring the price down for all of us?

I ordered the dish with "feed arms", and the "astra az-el mount" (it might 
not be the right thing...) for $74.  There is a $10 box charge, and 
shipping will be in the $20-25 range for me (southeast US).  So, total cost 
will be in the $105-115 range I guess.

The difference in price between the $55 price Antonio quoted and mine of 
$74 is the charge for the "astra az-el mount".

Now, the "astra az-el mount" sounds like it is actually designed to allow 
the dish to "sit" on top of a 2" vertical pole in the ground.    With that 
assumption, it might work to put the dish on the end of a horizontal cross 
boom.  I'll see once the hardware arrives, and post my feedback to the 
list.   It may or may not be the right thing to get.

Anyhow, the real basis for this email is to suggest that any other buyers 
wanting a 32" might inquire soon and get in on the current "run" of two 
dishes.  It might make them setup the machines faster so we all get our 
dishes sooner :-)

FYI--my feed will be a modified Transystem 3733 unit, a DEM preamp, and 
homebrew helical feed.  Eventually I want to try a patch feed, too.  My 
current dish is the 2'x3' BBQ dish with the helical feed...


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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