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K band TX still in the schedule...

Hi all,

the AO-40 TX is still in the schedule from MA118 to MA138. The
pass for Thursday evening is very good for Europe (squint, 
elevation, Doppler etc.). There are also excellent passes for the
US too, but you would need to run your own simulations to
find out when...

The signals being coupled through are the Middle Beacon 
and the U and L passbands - see the live telemetry for more.
Transmitter output power indication should be in the order 
of 121 when on, about 9 when off.

Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in the fun due to
business engagements, but I will be logging onto my 
(oh2aue@amsat.org) e-mail and the AMSAT-BB to see how 
things are going ;-)

Wishing you all great fun and the that extra bit of luck needed to 
find the thing ;-) 

Remember: Luck can be compensated for with perseverance
and elbow grease !

Best regards,
Michael Fletcher, OH2AUE

P.S. an overall report of Sundays successful tests at the following URL:

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