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RE: Now we know what Israel goes through.

I have to agree with Mike.....I too have spent time in Kuwait and I cannot 
belive that I am agreeing with his statement, either.  However we must 
rememebr that anger must be tempered, else we are no better than those who 
did this to us.

What has happened is a tragedy.  No one will deny that.  However, we need to 
use our anger in a positive way.  Give blood, give money, give time.  Pass 
traffic.  Prepare your "field day" equipment.  Don't lash out at someone 
because of the way they look, or their religious preferences.  Lets get the 
situation under control, then lets take care of the offensive group 
responsible.  In the meantime, offer your support and help in the true 
Amateur Radio way...help with communication and anything else you can.

Tim A. King, Jr.
Safety Officer, Hobby Park R/C Aircraft Club
Winston Salem, NC
AMA# 578668

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At this time I think quiet restraint is the best policy.

The first order of business is to secure the country.  That
has been done to a large extent.  I will watch carefully
when the FAA once again allows planes to fly.  The other
thought is, planes are not the only method.  Be alert to
what is around you.

The next order of business is rescue and recovery.  Everyone
can help.  I cannot give blood, I am a Gulf War vet.  They
still don't know what is killing us.  But give blood if you can.
Conserve resources.  Prepare for more trouble.  Ask your
local Red Cross what you can do.  Keep up with the news.
Your local stations will carry requests for assistance that
your city can provide.

Anger is OK.  I am angry as only a soldier can be.  But do
not let that anger consume you.  Hold it, channel it, and use
it when the time comes.  There will be plenty of time for
retribution once the targets are positively identified.  And
please do not fall into the idea that all people of any certain
race are responsible for this just because they are from that
country.  We do not need any more internment camps.

For now, please... lets work on rescue and relief.  Save the
anger for later.

I can't believe that I, a desert warrior, am saying this, but I
believe this is best for our country right now.  Thanks for


U.S. Army, retired.
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