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seeking advice on easy sats - update

Hello All,

I've been overwhelmed by the response to my previous e-mail. So I thought an 
update might be in order.

The UHF to BNC adaptor on the end of the aerial lead appeared to be the cause 
of some signal loss, according to my signal source. On-air results are still 
a little inconclusive though.

I can now hear FO 20 and FO 29 from horizon to horizon but only at a very low 
signal strength, this may well be normal. FO 29's beacon seems to be a little 
stronger now and FO 20's three unmodulated carriers (one at the bottom, 
middle and at the top of the pass-band) also seem a little stronger. I 
haven't heard any voices over the past week.

The signal from UO 14 has improved but unfortunately there are many passes 
where the only "users" are the pests from the north west. One station was so 
clear that I could hear a radio playing music in the background.

The next step might be to replace the 30 year old piece of coax. It's only 2 
metres long and it would have to be pretty crook to have a dramatic effect, I 
would think. A rotator would be handy too, that way I could operate indoors.


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