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Cross Pollinate - and a query

We are talking about doing a live simulcast of maybe the "JJ" and the AO-40
discussions during the Amsat Symposium via IRLP.  If we do this, we will
probably try to do a World Wide Q&A session live as well.

For those that are not familiar.  IRLP is a way to connect "many" repeaters
together using a very high quality VOIP connection on the internet.  You can
connect repeaters in two fashions.  One being point to point and the other
in a star configuration with a "reflector" or "bit repeater" in the middle.
There are 5 of these boxes on the net currently and we'll utilize one of
them during this time to provide this service.

The expectation is that those hams that are local to an IRLP node will be
able to connect to a "published" reflector and could join the discussion

I'm trying to gauge interest in this activity.  So if you have a local IRLP
node and would like to participate, please drop me a private email so that I
can gauge interest.

If you'd like to determine the quality of this environment.  Check out
www.live365.com and search for IRLP.  You can listen to the IRLP network
live via that link.  You can also determine if you have a local IRLP node by
going to http://status.irlp.net and looking over the list.

Thanks for the bandwidth and if you have any further questions, drop me an
email to my address.  Also watch the BB and the Symposium webpage for
details on what will be provided and how it will be provided.

Alan - NE1H

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