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Please help me identify this antenna!

Just getting involved in AMSAT again after a ten year absence.  I've
acquired a 432 MHz yagi that I need help in identifying so that I can
properly restore it.

It appears NOT to be a Cushcraft 416TB, based on info from the 416TB manual
on the Cushcraft website.  Here's the description:

The boom is 57" long, and there are two sets of ten elements (1 reflector, 1
driven, 8 directors) to be mounted on the boom at right angles to achieve
circular polarization.  The mounting holes for one set of elements is offset
about 1" from the other set.  The driven elements are about 1/2" aluminum
tubing dipoles, gamma matched, with an SO-239 (a custom one it appears)
press-fit on an aluminum bracket at the center of the element.  The other
elements are approximately 3/16 aluminum rod, in two pieces per element,
which are mounted into a piece of tubing at the center of the element.  This
tubing is drilled with a hole that accepts the long screw used to secure
each element and a small aluminum clamp to the boom.  Can anyone identify
the antenna/manufacturer from this?   Thanks for any info you can provide.

Floyd Sense - Angier, NC

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