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Doppler lesson

Set me straight!

I always thought that the frequency increased as the object approached and
fell as the object went away.

Well, I picked up the bird (AO-40) tonight at about MA 6 or so. The beacon
freq was falling fast as the bird started to streak away, as I would expect.
Then at about MA 15-20 I suddenly noticed that the freq was going UP and
continues at this time (MA-26). Nova continues to say that the range
continues to increase (About 28,500km), thus I would think that the freq
should continue to fall until apogee, at which time the range would start to
fall and the freq would start to again rise.

Is there something I don't understand, or am I seeing a massive drift in my
UEK-3000 DC? I leave my Downconverter on all the time and it has been rock
stable. I think I have noticed this before but it just hit me tonight.

73 from your old DAAAAAAA -BBer
Gunther Meisse

I have a feeling I am going to be embarrassed by the answer.

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