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Re: New kenwood HT


I might be missing something but have found noway to get full duplex and it
is not mentioned in the manual.  You can not hear anything when keying the
rig.  It is the one downside that I have found so far.  However, it makes a
nice setup for 12 and maybe AO40 with the FT817

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> > The new HT came today just minutes before RS12 was overhead.  I heard
> > bird great on the HT on 10m and heard my signal strong from the car.
> > bad nobody was around to talk to!
> So, is the TH-F6A full duplex (i.e. does the HT receiver hear the
> transponder while you're transmitting on the uplink) -- this point
> was not clearly spelled out in the marketing material, from what I
> could tell. If so, how bad is the desense (i.e. to what degree does
> keying the transmitter reduce the receive sensitivity)?
> Best regards - Dave Page

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