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Re: New kenwood HT

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Scott E. Olitsky wrote:
> > The new HT came today just minutes before RS12 was overhead.  I heard the
> > bird great on the HT on 10m and heard my signal strong from the car.  Too
> > bad nobody was around to talk to!
> The thing I am dying to hear is how terrible the CW sounds when sent in
> FM.  My thought is plugging a Key into the MIC/PTT jack and sending CW.
> There should be no audio modulation because the internal Mic should be
> disconnected so all you are doing is keying PTT.  As long as it is not too
> terrible, then you should be able to do HT satellite CW QSO.
> I do understand that it will sound terrible, but how bad?
> Can you tell us?

If it is "9600 capable" then it should have a fast lock synth loop which
would mean that there wouldn't be too bad of a chirp ;^}

Guess its time to retire the old VX-5r and get one of them buggers :)

let us know Scott how long the battery lasts , as that is always the
sticking point .......

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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