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Re: AO-40/DK2ZF-report

>From: rolf.niefind@t-online.de (Rolf Niefind)
> Hi all,
>here are the results from laste night operation on US-mode from near Hamburg
>in JO43VH
> uplink FT-847 barefoot  -1dB cable loss and 13dB linear horizontal Yagi
> downlink 30 t helix RHCP Kuhne preamp direct at antennea feedpoint
>          3db cable loss Kuhne converter and FT-847
> Date/UTC  Callsign Locator MA uplink  downlink  beacon
> sept 8th
> 21:51     OK2AQK           85 435.684 2401.300  constructor of L-RX !!
> 22:01     NR1DX  FN42      87 435.684     .300
> 22:12     K3SIW  EN52      89   ditto    ditto
> 22:21     WA8CLT EN80           ditto    ditto
> 22:28     K9QHO  EN70         435.684  2401.300
> 22:36     W1BFN  EM95            ditto   ditto
> 22:46     N7XU   DM43      98    ditto   ditto
> 23:32     W3ETT  FM28            ditto   ditto
> 23:38     WJ9B   FM06         435.687,5 2401.299,8
> 23:43     W0EOZ  EN06
> 23:48     DL8GAP JN48
> 23:52     K6EHA  DM04     112 435.711   2401.275
> 23:57     PSK 2401.322        435.633 corresponds to 2401.354.7
> Sept 9th
> 00:12     N0AN   EN22    117  435.653  2401.335 just survived from flood...
> 00:17     N4ISS  EM84
> 00:31     W2CO   DN70    121  435.687  2401.301
> 00:48     DK2ZF  JO43    testing with  o n e watt only came back with 529
>             went to bed , so probably missed AL7EB !!
> 02:09 PSK 2401.326        143  
>  missed K3XS  again
> 73 Rolf  DK2ZF


My theoretical AOS on Sept. 9 at the horizon was at 01:42 utc but due to
tree blockage I did not start hearing the beacon until 02:38 utc when the
elevation angle reached 4.8 degrees.  Possibly if I clear some trees I may
lower my effective AOS to ~2 degrees elevation, but ground noise is present
until nearly 8 degrees right now.  I listened some last night but did not
operate.  Instead I copied telemetry until MA=220.

Rolf could you tell me when your LOS time was yesterday?  That will tell me
how much overlap we have and allow me to better plan for working you.  I
suspect if I can clear some trees it will still be only 10-20 minutes that
we will have!  I looked carefully at where the antenna was looking at AOS
and when the signal was first detected so I have a pretty good idea what
trees are in the way.  I think if I drop about 12 trees that this may help.
 AOS never happens <90 degress azimuth where most of the trees stand {they
will have to go for eme eventually, as the moon-rise occurs up to azimuth 55}.

So far when I have listened to the early part of orbits when Europe/UK is
visible I have hear no activity from there.  I suppose the hour is too late
for most.

Fall season has arrived in the north...leaves are turning yellow.


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