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  I want to put up the best mode S system for AO-40 I can afford. I plan 
on buying one of the Magnesium Grid Parabolic Antennas. But I am not 
sure on which downconverter to buy.

1. UEK-3000 Mast-Mounted 2400MHz. Receive Converter NF<0.7dB 30.0dB Gain 
for $460
 From SSB. Which I think is to expensive. But if it does a better job.

2. MKU24TM OSCAR d/c 2.4ghz to 144mhz 0.6db noise figure, 26db gain
Made by DB6NT. The web site at SSB doesn't have a price on it.

3. DEM 2400-144RX d/c Assembled and tested unit, 1.0 dB NF, 20dB Gain 
for $225
DEM 13ULNA ,pre-amp Assembled and tested unit 0.5DB NF 17dBG for $120
combination for $345

I will be using 9913 type coax and N connectors. For the up link a 
436CP30 430-438 mhz,
14.5 dbdc gain, 30 elements CP, 9' 9" boom.

I do plan on putting a 2MCP14 143-148 mhz, 10.2 dbdc gain, 14 elements 
CP, 10' 6" boom
on the same cross boom.

I doesn't appear to me that there is going to be much difference in the 
performance of the above
units. But I don't know about the endurance of each of them or how they 
will actually perform.
Any help or suggestions on the downconverters would be appreciated. 
Thank you.


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