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Re: the Moon - Again.


Why this mission to the moon must be expensive ?
A lot of amateurs have the idea that an satellite is
always be expensive, but it doesn't have to be !!!!!

About AO40 I want to say this:
The Ao40 was very expensive but it has also many
transponders on board !!!!
Unfortunatly it doesn't work 100%, BUT THATS THE
EXPERIMENT !!! It is like "No pain no gain !!!!"

We have at least 13cm downlink, so better than
Within nothing I can include oscar 37,38,39,32,31,34.
Nice sats but not very HAM interesting.

About the P3moon satellite I would say:
Lets think small and make only one strong transponder
at SHF with one high gain antenna. The antenna could
be E.g an foulded dish that un-foulds in space. Lets
think small, let us be amateurs and try to find some
solution to make it praktikal possible. 
When the satellite is small and leight the engine can
be small !! The key is to make it small and leight !!
Maybe it could be possible to shoot it into an moon
orbit (?) With one big bang...

It seems todays amateurs only buy and do HAM behind
theire PC and don't experiment and build anymore :-( 
Get off the computer and start to play with some
semiconductors, thats the way how sats exists :-)

Okee, enjoy the hobby  

73 de PE1RAH, William

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