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Re: the Moon - Again.

At 07:13 07.09.2001 -0500, Jon Ogden wrote:

>But for now, let's concentrate on building a better, cheaper, more
>reliable bird that orbits the earth.  Let's get better skilled at all that
>so it is less difficult.  Let's walk before we run.

Why are you looking into an uncertain future at a project which will, if 
ever, become realistic in several years? Why not playing with the well 
working AO-40 which is available now?
At my surprise 3 days ago when there was a window between Europe and USA 
from eastcoast to the middle west and it was daytime in USA while it was 
night in Europe, I only could hear three US stations operating the bird. 
Where have all the many other people been who are discussing satellite 
themes here on the board?
Reinhard, DJ1KM

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