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RE: Kuhne vs DEM preamp?

Hi Greg:

About to use a new amplifier, its better if you have less NF  in zour down
converter and more gain, I use this equipment and I receive the MB with a
solid S5 when the AO40 is 55,000 km over my QTH:
Antenna: 85 cm offset parabolic ( It's used originally for TV satellite
Down converter: Kuhnne MKU24 with 31 db gain and 0.6 db nf (IF 144)
Second Down converter: DEM 144-28 Mz, 20 db gain and 2 db nf
Feeder: Mi first test I used helix 2.25 turns then I read in Internet 5.25
its better for the offset dishes and I used this now)
Radio: and old Kenwood TS-140 S.

I have very strong signal and its posible to obtain a perfect demodulation
when the beacon have only half S or less.
Its better to invest your money in a better down converter or better

73 DX

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