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Kuhne vs DEM preamp?

Hi folks,

Ok, time to get a new preamp.  Not enough signal into the headphones,
and the preamp is probably the easiest of the pieces to change.

Currently I am using the Connifer preamp that came with the MMDS
grill antenna and Drake 2880, all as a package deal.  The Confier is
supposed to be around a 1.5db nf and 10db gain.

My choices:

1) replace the Confier with a Kuhne MKU 232 A2 TM
Spec is .7db nf and 35 db gain (!).  Sounds good, but the unit appears
to be powered through the coax (not easily done in my setup), and
also has a design frequency of 2350 mhz, not 2401.xxx.  I don't know
how wide the receive bandpass is, and what running it at 2401.xxx
does to the nf and gain specs.  Need to adapt the Khune's F-connector
output to N, to feed the Drake; it's not really designed to be mounted
directly between the antenna and downconverter, as the Confier is.

2) replace the Connifer with the DEM 13ULNA
Spec is .5db nf and 17db gain.  Better noise, not as much gain.  I'd
like to reduce the size of my antenna if possible, to reduce the risk
of weather damage, so the higher gain of the Kuhne is tempting.  The
DEM's external power feed is good.  Price is a little better too.

3) KEEP the Connifer preamp, and stick the DEM 13ULNA in front of
it.  Theoretically get .5db nf and 27db gain.  With the original
grill and linear feed, this might be the right mix.

I'm leaning towards #3, but it feels a little kludgy (not that the
rest of my shack isn't already, but why make it worse?)...

What am I missing?

Greg  KO6TH

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