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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?


>Hum, you realize what you say here negates all the OSCARs and AMSAT itself.
>We first formed to send satellites into space something only NASA and the
>Soviets were doing...pretty much.  If all we were looking for was
>communications experiments there are still balloons and RC planes.


IN April of 1959 Don Stoner (w6TNS) wrote in CQ magazine "Currently being 
tested is a solar power six to two meter transister repeaater which could be 
ballooned over the Southwest.  Can anyone come up with a spare rocket or 
orbiting purposes?"

Thats how Oscar 1 got its start.  It wasnt "heck lets go explore space and 
measure cosmic rays and do all the other things that someone else is trying 
to do".  It was "lets try another medium for our communications stuff".

I suggest
>you look at our Bylaws.  We were doing something more then and it is sad to
>see so many American HAMS willing to sit back and let other nations take 
>front seat.  A project that has us sending a spacecraft to Mars or the Moon
>should excite you and any future HAMS!  All I hear here is as an individual 
>couldn't use the repeater.  I would find a way to use the bird at Mars
>somehow whether it was forming an array with other amateurs or forming a 
>that builds huge dishes as it's charter...

Great.  If you can figure out a way to afford/build an 85 foot or so dish 
(Thats about the minimium that it takes for MArs and the DSN has better 
preamps then you and I do) maintain it and all that stuff then your in 

What excites me about amateur radio satellites is doing things that make 
communications both more reliable and more experimentable.  Those are not 
two conflicting goals.

I realize its not as "exciting" as the prospect of relativly low resolution 
photos of say the Moon from an orbiting OSCAR but imagine that instead of 
playing at rocket science AO-40 had figured out a way to "inflate" a oh 6 or 
8 foot dish type antenna.

Then you might see the amateur radio satellite "business" take off.

> >  If I want pictures of the Moon NASA has a bunch of them.
> >
>Not with an AMSAT-NA OSCAR in them!

Get a good graphics program (grin).  Our new QSL card does some pretty good 
stuff with some of the Surveyor and on the moon photos.

Look no one is more in favor of lunar exploration then going on to Mars then 
I am (actually I would go first to the Moon and then to the Near Earth 
Asteroids and then to Mars) AND building an infrastructure in space.  No one 
is more in favor of having a bevy full of Oscars in orbit allowing good 

I dont have a clue why lunar exploration is an amateur radio thing.

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