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RE: Shelby Hamfest

In North America, AMSAT-NA is dependent upon volunteers who are willing to
represent AMSAT at hamfests.  While AMSAT is represented at a number of
hamests each year, there are many more that we'd like to have a presence but
there haven't been volunteer(s) to come forward and help out at a particular
hamfest.  While Area Coordinators have often been the ones to volunteer to
work hamfests, any AMSAT-NA member may volunteer to handle a hamfest on
AMSAT's behalf.  The volunteer will need to coordinate with the hamfest
committee regarding booth/table arrangments.  If you're interested in
helping out AMSAT out in this regard for an upcoming hamfest, please contact
AMSAT's Office Manager, Martha (martha@amsat.org/tel. 301-589-6062) or
myself (wd4asw@amsat.org/tel. 904-398-5185)for more information. We need at
least three weeks notification prior to the hamfest in order to get
materials shipped to you.  As Ed (and our other hamfest volunteers) will
attest, handling an AMSAT booth can be alot of fun and helps to bring in $$$
for the organization.  More importantly, it establishes AMSAT on a local
level which will hopefully increase interest in our activities.

This weekend I know that AMSAT will be represented at two hamfests.  AMSAT's
Larry Brown, K7LB and Steve Bible, N7HPR are driving over 9 hours from
Tuscon, AZ to the ARRL SW Convention at Riverside, CA in order to give a
Satellite Workshop that will be conducted Friday.  Over 70 people have
registered for the workshop.  Duane Naugle, KO6BT of San Diego is
coordinating the booth activities.  Meanwhile, Dave Jordan, AA4KN of Orlando
and I (from Jacksonville) will be manning an AMSAT table at the Melbourne
(FL) hamfest on Saturday.

Clearly, our ability to provide some visibility for AMSAT at hamfests is
based upon the willingness of our membership to step forward and help out.
Volunteers are not expected to be experts in all facets of satellite
communications, so don't assume that you must be able to discuss 2.4 GHz
operations (as Richard was hoping to do) if you don't have personal
experience working AO-40.  The key is to maintain a visible presence and
point people in the right direction if the volunteer doesn't have the

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Field Operations

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>From: "Richard Sturgis" <r.sturgis@worldnet.att.net>
>I am gathering parts to assemble a 2.4G receive station to attempt
>communications on AO-40.  I ordered a downconverter a few weeks ago and
>been studying  informationposted on the BB on antennas for this band.
>This past Saturday I attended the Shelby, NC hamfest which is one of the
>largest in our part (southeast) of the country.
>I was surprised and disappointed not to find an AMSAT presence at this
>gathering of hams.  I had hoped to ask questions and talk to others about
>I asked some of the sponsering club members and they did not know of any
>AMSAT representatives nor did I find a booth at the fest.
>Am planning to attend the symposium in Atlanta in early October and hope to
>see examples of equipment used for the downlink at that time.
>Thanks for all the info on the BB,
>Richard, KR4XN

Well that's a shame.  I know that many hamfests host an Amsat booth and
bigger ones even have Amsat sessions.  I have hosted a booth for the last
3-4 years {lost count} and it has always generated interest, as well as,
new members.  But it is up to the local Amsat Area Coordinators and the
hamfest sponsors to do it.  There are an awful lot of hamfests in the
lower-48, so maybe they couldn't do it at this time.

The Anchorage Hamfest is this Sept. 15th [doors open at 10 am] followed by
the Fairbanks Hamfest Sept. 16th [350 miles north].  As usual, I will be at
the Anchorage one {I live 180 road-miles south} {Martha: the supplies
arrived fine, thanks}.  This is likely the only Alaska Hamfest that Amsat
will be present, so I feel a certain responsibility to be there.  AO-40 is
sure to be hot topic!  I will set up a small dish with preamp-Drake-etc. as
a display...no pass during the open hours of the hamfest, so no live demo
station.  As usual, WL7BD and maybe KK5YY will be on hand for FM-Leo demos.

Hopefully, some Equipment vendors will be present at the Symposium; also
maybe someone will do a live AO-40 demo?  Any of you southeast "patio"
stations game for this?  {no room in my suitcase for one}

See Ya At Symposium,

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