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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

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> Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 10:59:18 -0500
>  From: "Robert Oler" <cvn65vf94@msn.com>
>  Subject: RE: Fw: [amsat-bb] Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?
>  Want to experiment?  Lets try some related to communications instead of 
>  simply trying to be NASA without being NASA.

Hum, you realize what you say here negates all the OSCARs and AMSAT itself.  
We first formed to send satellites into space something only NASA and the 
Soviets were doing...pretty much.  If all we were looking for was 
communications experiments there are still balloons and RC planes.  I suggest 
you look at our Bylaws.  We were doing something more then and it is sad to 
see so many American HAMS willing to sit back and let other nations take the 
front seat.  A project that has us sending a spacecraft to Mars or the Moon 
should excite you and any future HAMS!  All I hear here is as an individual I 
couldn't use the repeater.  I would find a way to use the bird at Mars 
somehow whether it was forming an array with other amateurs or forming a club 
that builds huge dishes as it's charter... 

>  If I want pictures of the Moon NASA has a bunch of them.

Not with an AMSAT-NA OSCAR in them!

--Chris Vancil
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