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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 15:03:53 -0500

Hi to all satellite amateur.

Yesterday I received AO-40 in better way, than, when i use a 40 turn helix
RHCP antenna. i made a reflector antena with a grid dish (40cm. * 90cm.)
iluminated with 3,5 turn LHCP Helix, but i dont search the results that i

any one, know, the figure noise of FT-780r (this is my equiptment for
downlink more UEK-3000SAT if 432), the specifications
says.........................................Receiver sensitivity 0.5
microvolts for 20 dB S/N (that is a good thing? or poor thing?).

its correct to say (concider the previous specifications) that the Receiver
Sensitivity is 0,25 microvolts for 10dB S/N.?.
i need to know this value for calculate the MDS.
Thanks in advance for CHILE. CE3SAG

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