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Re: Help with problems

On Tuesday 04 September 2001 23:36, Gerald Payton wrote in "[amsat-bb] 
Help with problems":

> Problem One:   The signal to noise ratio seems that it should be
> better. From my previous post, I'm told that my setup is nominal.
> I receive the MB very well, but the QSO's are very weak and down near
> the noise level.
> Adjusting my SHIFT helps some, but the majority are still not good
> enough for contact.  I believe that if I cannot hear the audio, I
> should not try a contact!  Therefore, I'm still unable to attempt a
> contact.

Well, I'm running a Millicom too, I *don't* have a preamp, and my 
antenna is a homebrew helix. My RX signal sounds very much like 
yours, except that with headphones on and careful playing with the DSP 
and IF shift in my FT-847, I'm able to make QSO's happen. Very 
fatiguing, and so I'm not very active; I need to improve the S/N quite 
a bit and am hoping to do so with a preamp, a dish antenna or both. 

But you already *have* both of those things...yet the performance 
you're describing sounds like mine. It's almost as if your preamp isn't 
working, or maybe you have a bad match or other problem in the antenna. 
Have you been able to establish that the preamp is working? Maybe take 
it out of the system and see if your signal sounds the same? 

I really *don't* think my receiver could be so much better than yours 
that it explains the difference--or actually the *similariity*--of our 
results, despite your antenna/preamp system being presumambly better 
than mine.

73 de Maggie K3XS 
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