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L2 Test

>AO-40 is at MA 135 as I am writing this. Made several test
>on L1 and L2 tonight. L2 was 10 db weaker then L1.
>Running 50 Watts to a 46 Ele Loop Yagi my Signal was 3 S-Units
>above the noise on L1. AO-40 Switch to L2 at MA 120 and my
>signal was only 1 S-Unit above the noise.

I believe you have a "local problem".
I have tested L1 vs L2 and the downlink signal strength was virtually 
It sure sounds like your driver, amplifier, or Loop Yagi doesn't "like" the 
~1 MHz different uplink freq.

>My Downlink System is a 2x3 BBQ with an screen Overlay and
>a Transystem 3733 modified by K5GNA.
>My Question is, what is the Antenna Difference between
>L1 and L2?

There is none.
L1 and L2 use the same "short backfire" dish antenna.  They are fed via a 
signal splitter.

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