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Re: Mode-L2 and X-band test?

You were 80% readable speech and much better than my 5 watts to an omni test
signal, but that
too I could pick up tonight. Still I am getting fatigued by the noise......
you were not quite strong enough that I could use the squelch on you, and
those that were, I had to watch out becuase it would cut off part of their
first words.
most of the user signals here are 6 db  or more. any more than that and the
peak detector will
arrive on the freq.
I will put a photo of my uplink 435 helix a little later see
It was built for wide band UHF from the GOES at 468 time signal to the
various ham sats.
I think if I find the right support material I will increase the turns.
Right now it is 7 turns.
Note the matching line (air dielectric copper ckt board in a slope from 50
to 138 ohms,
to match the line. Material is aluminum plates, and aluminum case CATV
hardline, and
plastic water pipe (which seems to tolerate sunlight well)   standing wave
is 1.5:1 from
400-470 MHz....here I go again, built all this stuff for trying various
commercial sats. and now there are these ham sats to use it on.
Have you guys been on the lookout for used TVRO dishes? .
Some say they like the smaller dishes so you can move it
less frequently, but I found it real easy to use once you have found the
I have been doing is running a second reciever on the beacon,
and I punch my longitude button to peak the S meter on it, every
5 minutes or so. I like having the extra gain and I notice some of the but
if your satellite is fast moving all you can
do is point and wait for it. The new peregiee of ao40 makes it easy to track
here too, before,
it went by so fast I could easily lose it, now it seems its the perfect
orbit for old tvro dishes,
just had to trim elevation a little as it goes back east and down.

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Mode-L2 and X-band test?

> I operated on Mode-L2 [1268.4] tonight to see how it compared with
>  Had QSO's with K2TXB reported a "3x5 signal" and NN0V "weak but reading
> me".  Two long QSO's is the limit for MA=120 to MA=130; it switched
> at MA=130.  I signed off just before it switched back to L1.  A fair

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