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RE: For all you "umbrella geeks" including myself

Hi Pieter

> The name is Flectron.

Yes I have two 1m x 3m rolls of this stuff. It's expensive so I'm spending
some time working out the logistics before committing - one roll maybe
enough for one 1.2m dish if I'm very lucky indeed.

The downside is that it does have high wind load.

And, of course, I have to get my thimble and thread out. Spent yesterday
trying to find a haberdashery, as I only have those little emergency sewing
kits. I don't think haberdasheries exist anymore.

I think it'll need a lot more fastening points (ie sewing) as it's more
prone to tearing under stress. But with more attachment points I think it'll
keep its shape better.

And to finish it off I'm going to embroider my callsign on it and crochet a
matching feed.

73 Howard G6LVB

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