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Re: Patch feed SUCCESS, and Rube Goldberg AO-40

>Hey, I'm happy with the 2.4 GHz RHCP/LHCP coaxially fed patch feed I've 
>been dinking with the last few weeks.  I'll get technical details
>up this week on my site (I hope).
>I operated AO-40 with good ears (!) tonight from my back porch.  In true 
>duct-tape and bailing wire fashion I present some pictures of
>my operating position tonight:

Congrats, Fred....I'm experimenting with mine, a single feed, and have made 
some improvements.

I rigged up a patch that I can slide on a ferrous metal disc attached to 
the feed.  I use a small
magnet to keep it pressed to the disc.  I have nylon line attached to the 
four corners of the patch
and I can slide it  all over the place to increase the signal...and keep 
out of the field.

And I can easily experiment with any number of patch shapes..

I've done some rough experiments, and the positioning really varies the 
signal, as I expected it
would.  I also rigged a threaded bushing to the feed line so I can 
"micrometer" adjust the spacing,
and that has a further effect, as we know it would.

Yes, talk about fun!!  Very Rube Goldbergish, but it works!!

I've got more documenting to do, and will take some pics, and put them on 
my page...

I get yakking on the bird, and there goes my time!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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