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Mode-L2 and X-band test?

I operated on Mode-L2 [1268.4] tonight to see how it compared with Mode-L1.
 Had QSO's with K2TXB reported a "3x5 signal" and NN0V "weak but reading
me".  Two long QSO's is the limit for MA=120 to MA=130; it switched promply
at MA=130.  I signed off just before it switched back to L1.  A fair
comparison is difficult, but I see my own L1 uplink about one s-unit over
noise.  The L2 signal was barely 1/2 s-unit over noise and went down the
noise at times.  Squint and beacon level was very good and mode-U stations
very loud [and perhaps that is why I was not!].  I copied a few stations
running their mode-U equal to the beacon [from my perspective].

I also noticed on the telemetry screen for the IF matrix that it showed the
mode-X Tx on for awhile.  I have nothing that can tune to 10,450,
unfortunately.  I wonder if the controllers were testing it?

73, Ed  

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