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Re: 1.2G Mast mounted amps

Hi Guys,

I wanted to make everyone aware of another alternative to the SSB
amplifiers. DL2AM in Germany produces many different amplifiers for the
Amateur microwave bands. The amplifiers look very nice and are affordable.
You can buy an 80 watt 1.2 GHz amplifier for about $600. I emailed him once
and he said he would ship to the US no problem. This is a good time to buy
things in Germany with US currency. Last lime I checked you could divide the
DM price by 2 to get the approximate dollar amount. The info can be found



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> Ken,
> The cross boom is fiberglass (Thick wall) from M2 Antenna Co. I bought it
> from SSB America. The core that goes through the rotor motor is sold
> aluminum.
> Power Amps for 1.2Ghz.  I had on order a PA23-50 50 watt brick from SSB.
> was discontinued and is being replaced with a 40 watt model. I have one of
> those on order from SSB America. They say it will be arrive in a couple
> weeks. It is German, but I do not have the manufacturer's name. Gerry as
> tells me it should sell for close to $500.00 American, or less. The price
> you saw on his web site ($1,595.00) was for the PA23-100, 100 watt brick.
> There must have been a typo.
> Good luck. I'll put info about the brick on the -bb when it arrives and I
> have put voltage to it.
> 73
> Gunther Meisse
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> From: Ken Dailey [mailto:kend@cinesite.co.uk]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 11:14 AM
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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] 1.2G Mast mounted amps
> Hi Gunther,
> Gunther Meisse wrote:
> > Dave, I am housing all my bricks at the tower/antenna. I am using a home
> > brew 25 turn Helix on 1.2Ghz with an Icom 910H in the shack 130 feet of
> line
> > and a 1watt < 40 watt brick at the tower. See:
> > www.wmfd.com/w8gsm
> > Good luck,
> > Gunther Meisse
> > W8GSM
> I've just had a good look at your website (very nice antenna install!!),
> I
> have two questions:
> 1) What is your cross boom made of and where did you get it from?   In the
> UK it
> is nigh on impossible to get thick-walled fibre glass tubing.  I see you
> have
> quite a weight of antennas on the cross-boom, but it doesn't appear to be
> sagging?
> 2) I'm also in the process of looking for a power amplifier for 1.2GHz,
> see
> you mentioned:
> "A couple of items: I built the 25 turn Helix and would look for about
> 16.75db
> gain. I will drive with an Icom 910H through 130' of line which gives me 2
> watts
> at the Dog-House. I'll run that through a 3db/5watt pad to get me to the
> input of 1 watt to the PA23-50 brick. The original rating on the brick was
> 50
> WTPO, however they have derated it and now say 40 WTPO. (They will likely
> rename
> it the PA23-40) That equals about 1300 Watts ERP, RHCP. Yes, I am getting
> through SSB America and I think it was about 450-475.00. I don't have the
> price
> here with me so I am just guessing."
> I've looked on the SSB web site, but they show the PA23-50 as listing at
> $1595.00 (gulp!), but you mention "450-475.00" - which ones right?
> Thanks for the posting - I'm always looking for good ideas! (:-)
> 73's
> Ken, G0RVH
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