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RE: 1.2G Mast mounted amps

The cross boom is fiberglass (Thick wall) from M2 Antenna Co. I bought it
from SSB America. The core that goes through the rotor motor is sold
Power Amps for 1.2Ghz.  I had on order a PA23-50 50 watt brick from SSB. It
was discontinued and is being replaced with a 40 watt model. I have one of
those on order from SSB America. They say it will be arrive in a couple
weeks. It is German, but I do not have the manufacturer's name. Gerry as SSB
tells me it should sell for close to $500.00 American, or less. The price
you saw on his web site ($1,595.00) was for the PA23-100, 100 watt brick.
There must have been a typo.
Good luck. I'll put info about the brick on the -bb when it arrives and I
have put voltage to it.
Gunther Meisse

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Hi Gunther,

Gunther Meisse wrote:

> Dave, I am housing all my bricks at the tower/antenna. I am using a home
> brew 25 turn Helix on 1.2Ghz with an Icom 910H in the shack 130 feet of
> and a 1watt < 40 watt brick at the tower. See:
> www.wmfd.com/w8gsm
> Good luck,
> Gunther Meisse

I've just had a good look at your website (very nice antenna install!!), but
have two questions:

1) What is your cross boom made of and where did you get it from?   In the
UK it
is nigh on impossible to get thick-walled fibre glass tubing.  I see you
quite a weight of antennas on the cross-boom, but it doesn't appear to be

2) I'm also in the process of looking for a power amplifier for 1.2GHz, and
you mentioned:

"A couple of items: I built the 25 turn Helix and would look for about
gain. I will drive with an Icom 910H through 130' of line which gives me 2
at the Dog-House. I'll run that through a 3db/5watt pad to get me to the max
input of 1 watt to the PA23-50 brick. The original rating on the brick was
WTPO, however they have derated it and now say 40 WTPO. (They will likely
it the PA23-40) That equals about 1300 Watts ERP, RHCP. Yes, I am getting it
through SSB America and I think it was about 450-475.00. I don't have the
here with me so I am just guessing."

I've looked on the SSB web site, but they show the PA23-50 as listing at
$1595.00 (gulp!), but you mention "450-475.00" - which ones right?

Thanks for the posting - I'm always looking for good ideas! (:-)


Ken, G0RVH

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